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INERIS, our mother company, is 30 years old!

Thirty years ago, in 1990, in a context marked by the rise of environmental concerns and the planned end of coal mining in France, a new public establishment was to succeed the Charbonnages de France research center: on December 7, 1990, decree n ° 90-1089 formalized the birth of INERIS.


"It was created under the name of National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks, a public industrial and commercial establishment, placed under the supervision of the Ministry responsible for the environment. The mission of the institute is to carry out or have carried out studies and research making it possible to prevent the risks that economic activities pose to the health and safety of people and property, as well as to the environment, and to provide any service intended to facilitate the adaptation of undertakings to this objective".

[Extract from decree n ° 90-1089 published in the Official Journal of December 9, 1990]


© Ineris / Thomas Paquet / Franck Dunouau


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