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About us


INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT is a simplified joint-stock company whose founder and sole partner is the National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks ( INERIS ).

The company was created at the end of May 2013.

The head office is based in Verneuil-en-Halatte, on the INERIS site, which enables the Institute's expertise to be associated with most of the projects carried out by INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT.


Thanks to its subsidiaries and its network activities, INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT can mobilize a network of experts from industry, research centers or universities in France and abroad.
This network is useful for carrying out INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT's missions and offering services in industrial safety and environmental protection, based on in-depth knowledge and various experiences acquired in different regions of the world.


INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT aims, in France and abroad:

  1. The acquisition by way of contribution, subscription, purchase or by any other means, of shares, units or other securities of any companies, companies, structures or groups, existing or to be created, French or foreign, exercising primarily an activity in the field of prevention and control of industrial risks and environmental protection

  2. The performance of all services, technical or economic studies on behalf of companies or groups in which INERIS DEVELOPPEMENT has a stake or would be a member;

  3. The performance of all services, studies, analyzes, technical assistance, either directly or in execution of contracts concluded with public or private persons, or international organizations, in the field of prevention and control of industrial risks and environmental protection, for international projects.

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