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📢 Announcement: Introducing the AQ-WATCH Toolkit with 5 Modules! 🌍🔬

We're excited to introduce the AQ-WATCH Toolkit, designed to advance air quality management. 🌬️ Comprising 5 essential modules, our toolkit offers resources for decision-makers, encourages sustainable practices, and contributes to healthier environments.

🔍 Air Quality Atlases: Uncover pollution patterns and hotspots for focused interventions.

🔍 Attribution & Mitigation Tool: Identify pollution sources and assess risks for effective strategies.

🔍 Dust Forecast: Predict dust movement to safeguard solar plants and promote responsible energy practices.

🔍 Fire Forecast: Anticipate fire smoke predictions to enhance preparedness and protect affected areas.

🔍 Emissions Source Analysis: Target pollution sources for improved environmental practices.

🔍 Air Quality Forecast: Real-time data for informed choices and healthier living.

Let's join hands to elevate air quality. The AQ-WATCH Toolkit is ready to support the journey. 🌱🌤️ #AQWATCHToolkit #AirQualityManagement


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